Being able to communicate can mean the difference between success or failure. You want your day-to-day operations to run in such a way that you forget your wireless infrastructure is even there.
The best partner can ensure it will.

Have you properly planned for wireless?

When you don't plan for wireless connectivity and coverage early enough, you're taking on risk. Issues like dropped calls, "dead spots" with no service and slow speeds can translate to doctors being unable to conduct telemedicine visits, executives unable to take urgent calls, and employees being unproductive. A little upfront consideration of your wireless plan is worth it.

Want to avoid coverage issues? You need a DAS.

Short for Distributed Antenna System, a DAS is a network of antennas distributed throughout a building to improve network performance. When cellular signal is blocked – due to materials used in the construction of the building, location of the facility in relation to cell towers, or a variety of other factors – it impacts the ability to use cell phones or transfer files quickly. In many cases, an in-building DAS is critical to reducing this risk and maintaining smooth operations. And if planning for 5G is on your radar, it's imperative to get DAS right. Our team will work with you to determine the right mix of DAS and WiFi for your space and needs.

DAS is so important now, it's non-negotiable. To the point that the absence of it will show up as a red flag in due diligence, prior to an M&A transaction.

Why plan for DAS early?

Often, DAS is treated like any other piece of technology - a server, piece of furniture or light fixture. The problem is, the complexity and needs of these items don’t even come close to those of DAS. If you don’t properly plan for DAS, you will likely have to retrofit DAS in your space, paying roughly 30% more in installation costs. Plus, the process is disruptive to employees and visitors.

There's a better way.

We partner with you, acting like an extension of your team, so that you see a return on your investment:

30% Cost Savings

In our experience, early planning saves roughly 30% in installation costs and avoids disruptions associated with retrofitting DAS after construction.

Seamless Integration

With a holistic view of your project schedule, we will integrate DAS before the drywall goes up, avoiding an eyesore for employees, staff and visitors.

Ready-To-Go System

Instead of endless complaints from employees and visitors, you will hit the ground running with wireless coverage and capacity on Day 1 of operations.

DAS vs WiFi

DAS vs. WiFi

Finding the right mix for a Connected Building

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Sports Venues
+ DAS  

Connectivity plays an essential
role for today's fans

Questions about planning DAS and WiFi into your project?

We're ready to explore your unique wireless needs and share with you examples of how owners have planned for 5G, mitigated risk, saved costs and successfully transitioned to operations.