Joe Dailey - A Mortenson Story

Joe is an extraordinary individual whose unwavering spirit and determination continues to leave an indelible mark on team members from across our company. Joe's career spans 35 years, and his story is one of resilience and empowerment. From his early days as an intern to working as a project engineer, and then transitioning to community impact work after an automotive injury left Joe quadriplegic, he has been instrumental in piloting programs and initiatives within the company, showcasing his exceptional leadership and commitment to driving positive change.

Joe's remarkable journey exemplifies Mortenson's commitment to providing support and fostering a workplace culture that values diversity and embraces everyone's unique abilities. As we commemorate Disability Pride Month, let Joe's empowering journey inspire us to celebrate the contributions and achievements of individuals with disabilities. Together, we can continue building a more inclusive society that recognizes the inherent value and capabilities of every individual.