Stadium and Arena Community Empowerment From Coast to Coast
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Stadium and Arena Community Empowerment From Coast to Coast

Supporting Small and Local Businesses

Don Webb, Chief Operating Officer Las Vegas Stadium Co.: It's one thing to hand a small local business a contract and then turn them loose and pretend that you've achieved the goal. It's another thing to have the commitment to see that a company is successful. Watching Mortenson provide tutoring and support and mentoring for those small businesses to thrive not just during the construction of Allegiant Stadium, but afterward, was a goal they not only achieved but far exceeded.

Chris Wright, former Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota United FC: We believe that we have and will bring good things to the community on different levels. It's really important to have a partner that really grasps, understands, and then delivers on that. To relay all of that to Mortenson and then for them to deliver the way they did was extraordinary.

Raising the Bar for Inclusion

Peter Feigin, President, Milwaukee Bucks: Our objectives were unlike any other that had happened before. To have somebody who'd had that experience and really is able to organize and create a process and execute and deliver results better than has ever been seen before. They really raised the bar on everything from minority inclusion, to businesses, to the actual laborers, to the apprentice programs.

Carol Greenlee, President and Chief Executive Officer, Business Resource Group:  Mortenson came into Nashville and hired local folks in this community. They have hired local business partners from this community.

Ken Johnsen, former Construction Executive, Oak View Group: Mortenson gets it. They work it. They go out into the communities to talk with them. They go to the unions and the training sessions that are being done with apprentices. There's a good outreach and I'm extremely pleased to be part of that success story.

Exceeding Goals and Expectations

Kevin Warren, former Chief Operating Officer, Minnesota Vikings: The thing that I'm really proud of is the goals that we were able to reach from women, minority-owned, and veteran businesses. We set very high goals. We were very adamant that it was important that we gave back to the community not only from a construction standpoint, but from a business development standpoint and from a business creation standpoint. But that also we use this stadium as a conduit to help fund a lot of the businesses for women, minority and veterans.

Carol Greenlee, President and Chief Executive Officer, Business Resource Group:  Mortenson exceeded the goal that was placed on them. They said they will come in and exceed it and they have exceeded. And that is a tribute to their teamwork.

Marc Badain, former President, Las Vegas Raiders: We set pretty aggressive benchmarks in terms of the percentage of minority owned businesses and women owned businesses that participated. It was 15% and I think we came in at 23%, which is really 50% higher than the requirement. It meant a lot to people in the community to see that we actually overdeliver. And then on the workforce, the 38% threshold was crushed.

Morgan Littlefield, Director, City & Community Partnerships, Oak View Group: Mortenson has done an amazing job on the inclusion and our community workforce agreements. Mortenson has been exceeding the numbers on the project all the way through and it's part of what they bring to the project. They have been so impressive across the board on that part.

Paving the Way for Success

Carol Greenlee, President and Chief Executive Officer, Business Resource Group: A lot of small businesses had not participated on projects of this size. They looked to Mortenson | Messer to train them. It elevated the small and minority businesses in this community that worked on this project to do bigger projects.

Heather Avila, President, Live Electric: The skills that we gained at the Allegiant Stadium project have been so incredibly helpful for us winning more work and performing on these projects. The Allegiant Stadium Project set us up for success far into the future.

Carol Greenlee, President and Chief Executive Officer, Business Resource Group: They care about the schools, they care about their children, they care about the community at large, and they care about the inclusion of all people in your projects.

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