Zae Sellers - A Mortenson Story
Restore-Rebuild-Reimagine in Minneapolis

Following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Zae Sellers, field engineer with Mortenson's Minneapolis office, watched as the city she grew up in and the community she loved was devastated by tragedy and left in ruin.

In the aftermath of the civil unrest, hundreds of small business owners in the Twin Cities struggled to pick up the pieces. So, when Mortenson took an active role in the rebuilding efforts, Zae jumped at the chance to join the team. Now, she's helping to restore her community and give these businesses hope once again. Zae's story reinforces why we, at Mortenson, love construction — because we can build a better world.

Restoring Hope; Reimagining the Future

Mortenson and other leading organizations in our community, have partnered with the Lake Street Council, the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, and the Midway Chamber of Commerce in St. Paul to raise funds which are directed and distributed through the Restore-Rebuild-Reimagine Fund, formed by the Minneapolis Foundation

Donations to the Fund have been, and will continue to be used specifically to help small businesses impacted by the civil unrest re-construct their businesses. These efforts range from minor repairs to store façades to the complete reconstruction of buildings. Complimenting those efforts, Mortenson has continued to support through technical expertise to assist impacted businesses in the rebuilding process.

The stories of these small business owners are also captured in their own words in a 12-minute mini-documentary called Corridors, which shares how businesses on Lake Street and West Broadway in Minneapolis and on University Avenue in St. Paul's Midway neighborhood were damaged or destroyed; how the community came together to help;  and why owners are passionate about staying in their neighborhoods, rebuilding their businesses, and reimagining their futures. Watch on YouTube.

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Building for the Greater GoodTM

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