Mortenson implements a standard 18% WMBE goal on all projects managed within the Seattle Office.

Workforce development is the second major part of our Program. As stewards of our community, it is essential that we make efforts to help build our workforce and its diversity by hiring minorities and women. Mortenson projects establish a workforce utilization goal expressed as a percentage of the total work hours of minority and female utilization the subcontractor shall reasonably be able to achieve in each construction trade in which it has employees.

Mortenson implements a standard 25% minority and 12% female goal on all projects managed within the Seattle Office.

Our initiatives for maximizing WMBE participation includes tactics such as:

  • Structuring bid packages to allow for maximum participation by local women and minority-owned businesses.
  • Collaborating with women and minority trade associations to identify firms for participation on the project.
  • Ascertaining capacity and capability of the local marketplace.
  • Establishing aggressive goals consistent with the availability of WMBE firms in the marketplace.
  • Facilitating partnerships among majority-owned firms and WMBEs.
  • Sending bid alert announcements to WMBE contractor organizations regularly.

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