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To truly deliver a far superior project experience and enable mission success for our customers, we must continually challenge all that we do and capitalize on each opportunity to make a positive change.

Becoming agents of change

At Mortenson, we are builders at heart and curious by nature.  Our greatest opportunity is to recognize the long-standing inefficiencies in the construction industry and be the agents of change and innovation—particularly in the areas of technology and industrialization.  Change begins by challenging the industry norms, taking note of lessons learned today and making adjustments to improve the building process of tomorrow's projects.  We're not satisfied with the status quo—to deliver a far superior project experience and enable mission success, we must continually challenge all that we do and capitalize on each opportunity to make positive change.



Creating more than just a project

Construction projects are often the physical manifestations of our customers' brands.  Every detail of the design and construction must be perfect.  To align our values and help ensure success, every project begins with all project stakeholders defining what success looks like.  This single—but critical—exercise focuses and guides the project team throughout the design and construction process to deliver on the vision and goals of our customers.

Building tomorrow's leaders

Construction is a people business; and at Mortenson, we take that to heart.  We know that leadership occurs at all levels of the organization, so we push the limits of what's possible through the development and mentorship of our team.  We want each team member to find their stride and not only maximize their own potential, but also understand how their skills and leadership potential helps to maximize the collective performance of the team.  And we make sure we find time to celebrate while we work hard to deliver these very large, complex projects.


Our projects are great sources of pride for the user groups and communities in which they are built.  It is important to us that all community members are represented in the design and building process.  It's simply the right thing to do.  By listening to the community and adjusting our processes accordingly, barriers are removed, businesses are empowered, and lives are changed for the better.

I am also personally driven to eliminate hunger in our communities.  It's difficult for our neighbors to reach their full potential when hungry.  And for those most at-risk—children and seniors—it's an even more critical concern for their health and wellness.


  • Family time
  • Collegiate sports
  • Backcountry hiking and camping


30 years

I find tremendous satisfaction in the professional development of our team members, as I do so too in the complex structures we build.

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