Dan Wacker speaking at project panel of 2019 Sports Annual Meeting


Mortenson has created a Sports + Entertainment team with diverse backgrounds, so we can tie together all aspects of a project, not just how it will be built.

It's time to become better humans

It's never been more clear than it is today: if we are to advance as a society, we need to double down on our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We must recognize that what makes us different also makes us better, together. When we share our stories and work together, we all grow—as individuals, as businesses, and as a society. At Mortenson, we make lasting change by setting goals to utilize women-owned and minority-owned businesses that represent the communities in which we live and work. And we hold ourselves and our partners accountable to deliver on the promise of creating more equitable opportunities for the people in our communities.


Going farther for our customers

The best customer relationships are built on trust; knowing that we have each other’s best interests at heart. When we collaborate with our customers and the design team, we can deliver a project that exceeds expectations while hitting the right budget and the right schedule. We don't look at a previous facility and say, "let's do that again." We focus on industry trends and how they may impact design and construction—not just for opening day, but for the life of the building and its future flexibility. And we deliver what’s next in a way that meets your budget and schedule while exceeding your expectations for what's possible—every time.

Leading by example

At Mortenson, leadership is driven by our LeadBLU principles. We know that by always doing the right thing, putting we before me, and inspiring what's possible, we drive positive outcomes for ourselves, our team, and our customers. As a leader myself, I enjoy taking time to focus on developing and mentoring those around me. To think outside of the box, I focus on delivering extraordinary outcomes, while also being empathetic to the unique situations each of us may face. Through this approach, I strive to lead by example and develop a high-performing team for every one of my customers.


The biggest change I'd like to see in the world is for everyone to be open to having open and honest conversations. Feedback goes both ways, and honesty is the best way to build trusting relationships and partnerships.

Each of us can make a difference in the world if we take the time in our busy lives to acknowledge others for their contributions, follow Grandma's advice and say something nice and do something nice for others, and ultimately strive to leave the world in a better place for everyone you cross paths with.


  • Being up north with family
  • Avid outdoorsman and hunter
  • Trying local cuisine while traveling


16 years

On my first project, I was able to establish the project budget and through a collaborative effort, deliver our GMP below budget without compromising any scopes. This helped set the tone for my career in preconstruction.

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