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Dave Espinosa, LEED GA
Project Executive | Denver

As project executive, Dave will be responsible for client relations and high level project oversight. He will ensure expectations are clearly understood and issues immediately addressed. Dave will take a major role in coordinating the ideas, perspectives and concerns of all project stakeholders and moving the project to a successful conclusion.

Listening with empathy

Leaders should always listen, but beyond that, it’s so important to show empathy for team members and customers. The first step toward empowering someone or making an impact on a community issue is to understand how others feel and how they’re affected by circumstances and decisions. Mortenson’s leadership team is made of up 20 people from different backgrounds with different viewpoints, and we’re able to leverage the power of that diversity of experience because we truly listen to one another.

Dave Espinosa
Dave Espinosa

Breaking the mold

We love the business of construction at Mortenson, but we’re also always striving to set ourselves apart from other firms in our community – to look toward the future to see how we can continue providing the best possible outcomes for our clients. With each new project we are actively changing the perception of Mortenson as a construction company and proving our ability to become true partners to our customers through a full suite of strategic services.

Transcending the traditional

The essentials of construction and relationship-building haven’t changed in 100 years. We still lay concrete foundations for buildings and foundations of trust for relationships. But in order to continue growing and meeting the needs of our customers in a rapidly changing world, we work to build on those foundations to bring new technologies and methods to our building practices. We go beyond the traditional transactional relationships in construction, collaborating with our customers from the job site to the board room.

Dave Espinosa

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