Josh Rodgers
Senior Integrated Construction Manager | Seattle

Upon joining Mortenson in 2007 as an Integrated Construction Coordinator, Josh earned the extensive experience and skill needed to fulfill his current role as senior Integrated Construction Coordinator, where he manages our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Virtual Insights teams. Josh leads the implementation and execution of VDC processes, including the use of Building Information Models (BIM), such as 4D, self-perform concrete, laser scanning, and coordination of various scopes to improve value in delivery, including safety, quality control, and cost and schedule reduction. VDC adds immense value to our projects, consistently resulting in cost and schedule savings and higher quality for our customers. Josh particularly excels in a collaborative working environment, in which he can create real-time visualizations for all phases of project development to represent and communicate the design vision and constructability to integrated teams of owners, designers, and builders. Josh also manages our Virtual Insights team supporting customers in decision-making, stakeholder communication, and training through the use of interactive virtual reality and other emerging technology.

Within his role, Josh finds fulfillment in the variety of work he gets. He enjoys working with different types of projects and different project teams at various stages and getting the opportunity to train and mentor, plan and problem solve, and innovate at any given time. Josh is also eager to see how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other similar emerging technologies will shape how we think about and execute our projects from concept through operations.

Josh's dedication to daily ingenuity, relationship building, and expertise in the field earned him three Pinnacle Awards for Ingenuity and Expertise for his work on The James F. Battin United States Courthouse and the Post Point WWTP Improvements projects. He received his bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Seattle.

When he's not at the office, Josh enjoys drawing and painting, playing the guitar, reading a good book, cooking, and spending time with his wife and dogs. Josh is also an avid crossword puzzler, a hobby which led him to meet his now-wife in the breakroom of their shared place of employment, who also shared the same hobby. 

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