High Voltage Transmission

The largest HVDC Project in North America in 30 years

This project is critical to ensure reliable power to Manitobans, and this contract is one of the cornerstones of the project. We are excited to move into the next phase of the project.

Rob Elder
Division Manager Bipole III Project
Manitoba Hydro

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Mortenson, as part of a consortium with Siemens Canada, was selected as the EPC contractor to design, supply, install and construct the largest HVdc project in North America in the last 30 years.

The team is responsible for the design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of HVdc converter equipment including an 855 mile 2,300 MW bipole with a 500 kV transmission line and AC system upgrades to the North and South converter stations. Design for this project will commence in October of 2014 and construction will begin October of 2015. Estimated construction completion is October of 2017 and commissioning through June 2018.

Siemens is supplying the complete HVDC core technology, based on the well-proven thyristor-technology, while Mortenson will be responsible for the construction of the converter stations. This HVDC link is approximately 1,400 kilometers and will connect the Keewatinohk Converter Station, in northern Manitoba near Hudson Bay with the Riel Converter Station, in south Winnipeg, by a +/-500 kilovolt (kV) overhead line. 

This new HVDC link will enhance Manitoba Hydro's existing system by increasing overall system reliability. It will transport electricity generated by hydroelectric generating stations in the northern part of the province, to southern load centers and Winnipeg. "When it comes to energy-efficient and low-loss transmission of electricity over considerable distances, we're the right partner. Our partner's local expertise, coupled with Siemens' proven HVDC technology, allows us to offer tailored solutions to our customers' requirements", says Faisal Kazi, head of the Energy Management division at Siemens Canada.


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