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Starting a commercial construction project can be a daunting feat. Supply chain challenges and labor shortages can extend project timelines, volatile markets can impact project budgets, and other factors like construction disruption can lead to negative community perceptions. 

But with risk mitigation strategies, processes developed from decades of experience, and a dedicated team of experts, these challenges can be remediated or avoided altogether. As a strategic partner, we are fully invested in your success and committed to a positive project outcome—meeting your schedule, budget and building expectations. 

Positive outcomes aside, at the end of the day, it’s about our companies and people working together to change our communities for the better. And that’s the success that matters. 

Your Success is Our Success


Hennepin Healthcare Redleaf Center

Make an impact in the community

Through its sheer presence, your project will impact the community. When you fully leverage this unique opportunity, you can support diverse, inclusive teams and positively shape the communities where you live and work.  

Read how Mortenson helped build Hennepin Healthcare’s Redleaf Center to provide a safe haven for families in the community.

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Ann Lurie hospital

Leverage the latest technologies & innovations 

From design, to sustainability and well buildings, to cutting-edge construction techniques, your project can push the boundaries, raise the bar and inspire what’s possible. 

See how a prefabricated wall solution helped Allina Health set a new standard in delivering patient care.

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aerial of manufacturing facility

Bring value to your business

Your project has real business and margin implications. Feel good knowing you can achieve your objectives and bring value to your business through smart construction decisions. 

Check out how Mortenson helped PureCycle drive down costs and add value to their bottom line.

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minneapolis dog park

Big or small, stand out from them all

The size or scope of your project shouldn’t dictate which team shows up, and it shouldn’t impact your project outcomes, either. Your project can be rooted in quality, driven by your bottom line, and exceed expectations. 

See how Mortenson team members refreshed two Minneapolis dog parks at a time when the community was flocking outdoors.

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Together, Everything Is Possible

It's a privilege to help you reshape the skyline with new and exciting projects. Together, we will elevate the healthcare and biomedical landscapes, reimagine student learning environments, modernize manufacturing and distribution facilities, and empower people and businesses in your community. As partners, there's no limit to what we can achieve! 

We’re looking for talented professionals to join our team.
Take your career to the next level.

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Explore More From Our Top Minneapolis Markets

blue healthcare hospital

Healthcare organizations are tasked with eliminating inefficiencies, improving care delivery across their networks, and increasing ROI. Coupled with the changing needs and expectations of patients, organizations face tough decisions regarding facility construction versus renovations. 

How can you move your organization into the future?

Hear what your peers are doing to navigate the complex world of healthcare infrastructure in Minneapolis.

Updating aging facilities takes convincing and coordination from a multitude of stakeholders. You have an entire department dedicated to uphold the future vision for your students and the aesthetic integrity of how your buildings need to look.

Learn how to effectively navigate campus construction in the Upper Midwest and meet the varied demands of the project and stakeholders.

blue education students walking

orange manufacturing metal sheet spool

Manufacturing facilities are evolving to accommodate changes in people, process, and technology. The future of manufacturing in Minneapolis and the Upper Midwest rests in building facilities that leverage new technology and serve as a profit center for businesses. 

Learn how innovation is redefining the manufacturing industry and its facilities in the Minneapolis region.

Starting a project with the right financing (or sourcing creative funding solutions!), the best site and optimal design is no small feat. Whether it’s an office complex or multi-building medical campus, you want a solution that meets both current operational needs and plans for future growth, while still making sense for your business.

See the big things happening in real estate development across different Minneapolis markets. 

development groundbreaking

Featured News

metal conduit

Addressing supply chain from the start

Supply chain issues have affected consumers worldwide for the past few years. In the commercial construction industry, these shortages have affected everything from structural steel to the computer chips used in HVAC systems. That, coupled with rising material costs, labor shortages, and shipping delays can easily throw construction projects off schedule and over budget. Learn how we’re tackling supply chain issues head on.


blue man walking on ramp concrete pour

Avoiding Disruptive Construction on College Campus

You can’t always avoid disruption during construction, but there are steps you can take to keep your campus moving around it.

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steel beams in construction laydown yard

2023 Construction Supply Chain Trends and Forecasting

Construction materials supply chains remained volatile through the past year. What does 2023 hold for the construction industry supply chain? 

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opening moveable wall

Three Ways to Improve Healthcare Staff Spaces

These three factors are critical in designing healthcare spaces that promote the physical and mental well-being of hospital staff. 

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Bend and Stretch on Gaylord Pacific with Shreya Raj

Engaging and Strengthening Communities

Each project presents the opportunity to build stronger communities by enlisting local businesses and talent. By promoting inclusivity, we can positively impact the communities where we live and work. 

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Mortenson has done many things in support of our team that I would not consider a ‘have-to-do’ or even a ‘required-to-do.’ They simply lean in and take care of us. They also have become a part of our fabric. Instead of keeping themselves at arm’s length, they have become a part of our family and an extension of us.

Questions about getting started on your project?

Planning a project can be complex and full of risk. Protect your bottom line by choosing a partner known for its industry expertise and uncommon capacity to figure things out.

Our Minneapolis construction team takes time to understand your vision and listen to your concerns, then draws upon our talent and experience to meet your real estate and facilities needs. We understand what’s at stake and will make this experience better than you imagined.