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The Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO) facility is the first vertical construction project to be built at the RTD light rail station at 61st Avenue and Pena Boulevard.  The project consists of a total of 112,500 gross square feet. This includes 25,000 square feet of office space and 87,500 square feet of retail fabrication space. 

The project will pursue LEED Gold status and attain best in class facility performance, minimum environmental impact and waste minimization. The primary building systems will be investment-grade, tilt-up concrete panels and structural steel with an extensive glass exterior at the office areas. Specialty electrical systems will be constructed to service the testing and development needs of the ECO lab inside the warehouse as well as the needs roof mounted solar panels. There are five different zones of Panasonic’s solar panels on display on the roof and the zones will also be part of the company’s R&D program. 

The facility will accommodate 100+ PESCO engineers, scientists and management personnel working on the advancement of PESCO’s eco and audio visual technologies. This facility will also accommodate the 24/7 network operations center that will monitor the Panasonic video screen systems installed within sporting facilities around the nation. 


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