Mortenson’s Multi-Year Support of Rainier Scholars Program
Mortenson Seattle team with Rainier Scholars

Rainier Scholars supports students in the Seattle region, beginning in the 4th grade through their college experience. The program primarily supports underrepresented students of color, and was initially brought to Mortenson’s consideration by a team member. Not only does the program support students academically, but it aims to effect generational change through equitable access to college, social and emotional support for students and their families, technology, and emergency funds. All of the financial responsibility for the student’s education is covered by the program, including transportation to their designated school. 

One of the primary factors influencing the decision to collaborate with Rainier Scholars was their demonstrated commitment to supporting students from diverse school districts within the Seattle region. Mortenson’s engagement allows us to introduce these students to the construction industry, demonstrating our investment in their growth through volunteering efforts and charitable contributions, thereby nurturing future leaders not only for our local community but potentially for Mortenson as well. Over the course of the past few years, Mortenson team members have developed a close rapport with Rainier's staff, witnessing firsthand their unparalleled dedication to the success of their students. The cohesive ethos within the Rainier team resonates with the organizational culture at Mortenson, emphasizing a familial bond and shared commitment to excellence. 

Rainier Scholars Luncheon

Since the partnership began in 2020, we have had high school and college Rainier Scholars interns, participated as speakers on panels, conducted workshops at the Career and Leadership Development Weekend, sent college care packages to Rainier Scholars students away at school, supplied award prizes for middle school students who have achieved success in education, been a key luncheon sponsor and financial sponsor of several events.  

After 22 years serving the Seattle region, the Rainier Scholars team saw the need for the program in other locations and decided to expand to Tacoma. To assist with their expansion, Mortenson continues to use our building expertise and our partnership to advise on the design and construction of the Tenant Improvement space and has provided materials and assistance with the build. We connected Rainier with two of our trade partners to help with replacement of all of the light fixtures and ceiling grid and tile replacement. The lighting is energy efficient and will help reduce energy/building operation costs over the years.

Mortenson looks forward to continuing to support the mission of the Rainier Scholars Program as they expand to new regions.  

Mortenson and Rainier Scholars at Seattle Kraken Game

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