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In response to the energy crisis of the 1980s, the college faced the challenge of improving the thermal performance of its building. Encapsulating the large curtainwall windows was the chosen solution, utilizing a combination of brick, mortar, metal panels, concrete masonry unit, and drywall. This process resulted in spacious wall cavities to be filled with various types of insulation to enhance the overall thermal efficiency.  

Four decades later, Dunwoody partnered with Mortenson and Cunningham to undertake a significant revitalization project to restore and replace the windows to match the building's original 1920s façade. Over 60 high-energy efficient windows will be installed around the main building, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and improving the building's energy efficiency. 

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September 2023


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This project will have a transformational and lasting impact on our campus and learning spaces and will forever change the look and feel of our campus.

New signage will be added to the perimeter of the campus, including monument signs, lighted pillars, and an archway entrance. The revitalized campus will enhance wayfinding, improve the student and neighborhood experience, and positively impact the local, community, and state levels. 

To establish a visually cohesive campus and reinforce the college's brand identity, five distinctive exterior signage elements will also be incorporated into the revitalization project. This will include monument signs, lighted pillars, and an entrance archway. These elements will not only strengthen the college's visual presence and reputation but can serve to demarcate the campus boundaries and create a sense of unity. By rejuvenating the main entryway and incorporating a fresh aesthetic, the signage elements will contribute to a welcoming and inspiring campus environment, fostering pride and belonging among students, staff, and visitors.  

The college also seized the opportunity to address other areas in need of improvement. Upgrades will be made to the current classrooms, cafeteria, and bathrooms. They will also add a cutting-edge expanse for the fast-growing field of cyber security. By providing modern, functional spaces, the college aims to foster an environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and innovation. 

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