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Mortenson is currently developing and building an Embassy Suites by Hilton in downtown Madison. The new hotel, built on the Judge Doyle Square lot acquired from the City of Madison, will be nine stories tall and house 262 rooms.

The Judge Doyle Square development occupies two blocks split by South Pinckney Street and bounded by East Doty Street and East Wilson Street. Mortenson Development purchased half of the easternmost section of the site, known as Block 105, which houses the new Embassy Suites.

This hotel is part of a redevelopment meant to better connect the Capitol to the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center. It will serve the convention center, Capitol, and downtown Madison business community.

 The Embassy Suites building distinguishes itself with cold-formed structural metal panel walls, crafted through BLUvera manufacturing. BLUvera prefabricated the comprehensive system of both wall and floor joists with metal deck panels at their St. Paul, MN facility. These panels were then meticulously coordinated and transported to the jobsite for assembly, ensuring a seamless integration process.

The utilization of a panelized system expedites the construction schedule, facilitating a quicker speed-to-market. The initial phase, focusing on precise layout planning, is deemed particularly crucial for the project's success. This approach not only ensures uncompromised safety and quality within a controlled environment, but also streamlines overall efficiency of the design and construction process.

 The BLUvera panel system also presents a notable advantage by eliminating the need for additional on-site material storage. This not only optimizes space utilization but also mitigates the risk of damage to materials during the construction process.

 Adding to the project's complexity is its distinctive non-square shape which features a monumental curved radius at the front of the building. The challenge lies in ensuring the panels, initially constructed in a straight configuration, are strategically placed in a segmented fashion to accurately mimic the curvature of the building. Successful execution of this intricate layout was paramount to achieving the project's unique design.

Facts And Figures

158,000 Square Feet/262-Keys

Expected completion is June of 2024

Delivery Methods

Develop Design-Build

Innovation with BLUvera Prefabrication

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