Froedtert Ambulatory Master Plan AMPI
Froedtert Ambulatory Master Plan / WauwatosaWI
How do you build a medical facility to create an engaged experience for your care team, while prioritizing patient safety?

Construction of safe medical facilities

Throughout our 30 year partnership with Froedtert Health, we have built upon our relationship founded in trust and collaboration. As Froedtert Health continues to evolve, so does their main campus. Our experience to date provides us an intimate understanding of Froedtert’s exam room standards and finishes, as well as similar experience and a key understanding of their expectation with stand-alone health care clinics. 

Mortenson has been engaged to begin construction of the 190,000 square foot Ambulatory Master Plan (AMPI) project. Throughout the next two and a half years, the project will consolidate clinic space for services such as orthopedics, internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, and cardiac rehabilitation. It will also include the construction of 13 additional clinics throughout the campus. 

Facts And Figures


190,000 Square Feet

Completion: April 2021

A focus on the care team

We are partnering with Froedtert to take a deeper dive into the experience they offer their patients but also their care team to improve security, optimize their well-being and prioritize health and safety

These improvements include:

  • Collaborative spaces with flexibility 
  • Moveable furniture solutions 
  • Improved ergonomics in respite/break rooms
  • Enhanced touch down spaces 
  • Improved security measures (turnstiles, FOBs)


The Team