Logan Gerken speaking at 2019 Sports Annual Meeting Project panel


As a builder at our core, we create from nothing and shape the future. By combining the latest technologies and data available to derive insights from our customer's business, we don't stop until we create the desired change for the future.

Building during the fourth industrial revolution

Sports facilities represent our greatest human aspirations and hope. They are the houses of our athletic achievement, entertainment excellence and engineering prowess. They are imbued by our collective memories of historic past and future potential. The built environment ultimately is there to serve a greater purpose. It must be beautiful, functional, and resilient. With each new project we build, we are increasing the certainty and lowering the cost of delivering iconic architecture and novel engineering feats. We will accomplish this in the fourth industrial revolution of construction with prefabrication, modularization, robotics and model to fabrication capabilities.

construction woman with mask on in front of craft team members

A critical piece of the solution

I wake up every day knowing we have endless opportunities to improve people lives and communities through economic empowerment. This energizes me. We need to be agile and inclusive. We need to be thinking about the long-term impacts on people and communities, leaving a positive, lasting legacy. Construction as an industry is poised to be a critical piece of the solution to address global concerns with housing, food, and climate security. It is ripe for disruption and Mortenson maintains a leadership position to redefine possible. 

Leading to world class outcomes

Leaders at Mortenson have an unrelenting drive for excellence and a “we before me” attitude above all else. We do the right thing whether in the bright lights of the public eye or when no one is looking. A great leader inspires what's possible, helping people to grow and achieve beyond perhaps what they thought was possible. They need to be thinking about building teams that collaborate and inspire one another while delivering world class outcomes.

Ironworker suspended above Allegiant Stadium erecting the cable net roofing system.


The biggest change I’d like to see in the world is more listening and understanding. Our communities are the sum of its people, and our differences are our greatest strength. To create this world, we must take action to combat injustice and create opportunity for others. No one in this world should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, where they will sleep, or how they will clothe themselves.

I enjoy volunteering my time to talk with kids about the unlimited possibilities provided by a career in architecture, construction, or engineering. We must invest in our kids so that we thrive for many generations to come. We shape future leaders by challenging our people to discover their inner potential.


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18 years

Whenever a challenge arises, our team rushes to the problem, manages it, and gets the work done. There is never a question of if, only how.

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