The Need

SRP was seeing high peak demand periods and inefficiencies for their customers in Central Arizona. They wanted to boost reliability on transmission and distribution grids and be better prepared to implement battery storage technology at an even larger scale in the future.

The Solution

A new 10-megawatt, four-hour duration energy storage solution, engineered, procured and constructed by Mortenson and supplied by Fluence, will provide peaking capacity that will inject power into the grid during high peak demand periods for SRP customers. The solution will deliver the energy equivalent to power about 2,400 homes in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area for up to four hours and will help SRP assess how best to scale up future energy storage projects across its 2,900-square-mile electric service area.

The Result

This latest investment will add much-needed efficiency and value for SRP's more than 1 million electric consumers, allowing SRP to continue meeting customer demands while also supporting the ongoing integration of renewable power sources. 


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