The Need

With pressure to host a professional hockey game that draws fans from across the country, a university was unsure of the capabilities of their facility to accommodate the requirements of the event. They needed answers.

The Solution

A thorough assessment revealed not only sub-par readiness for a major professional event, but also a number of regulatory issues – lead paint, asbestos, and the potential for leaks and mold – which would have to be addressed. By hosting the event outside of the typical operational season, they were also at high risk for weather impacts and an inability to regulate the temperature. Further, they would be unable to provide sufficient concessions for the anticipated attendance.

The Result

By conducting a proper analysis, the university avoided what could have been a PR nightmare. The report allowed them to articulate for stakeholders why they were not yet ready to host an event, as well as the need to plan a fundraising campaign to renovate the facility, should they wish to host in the future.


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