The Need

A $1B+ large components manufacturer had been in its existing facility for over 100 years and had continually modified the space to fit their needs. Having purchased a nearby facility, they were unsure if moving people and production to the new space would actually gain the level of efficiency and process automation they were seeking.

The Solution

An assessment showed that the anticipated project was indeed complex – far more complex than they had imagined. We mapped a path to ensure the facility would be customized to adequately meet their operational needs and goals. With a new accurate plan and budget, they could achieve a more flexible space with the latest technology, to gain the efficiencies and automation capability they desired, and ultimately provide a far greater return on investment (even with a higher initial investment). 

The Result

The client was able to build a business case for a better suited project. To accommodate their fiscal planning cycle and make the move easier, we delivered a roadmap that phased the project over 3 years. Additionally, by proceeding with the appropriate budget, they mitigated issues that would have eroded their margin down the road. 

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