The Need

A Midwest healthcare provider was facing a shortage of capacity, inefficient space and an aging infrastructure. They needed to evaluate whether they should renovate existing structures or replace them entirely.

The Solution

Our analysis provided the client multiple options to solve their problem, taking into consideration cost per square foot, cost escalation and soft costs. Additionally, we clarified the funding gap for each of the options, so they could compare the level of fundraising effort required for the different scenarios. Armed with solid information for decision-making, they chose to build a new patient tower to create a better flow of operations, increase efficiencies with employees and patients, as well as support future growth.

The Result

The client is setting goals and expectations for the new facility including:

  • Increase operating margins from efficiencies gained and operating cost reduction
  • Optimize the use of prime real estate and future capacity
  • Position diagnostic & treatment services for changing and future operational flexibility
  • Consolidate administrative office space
  • Recruit & retain the best talent
  • Enhance patient satisfaction with improved campus plan, facilities and parking structures

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