The Need

A professional baseball stadium identified a section of seating that was generating almost no revenue (selling only 8-10 games per year). They also recognized an opportunity: the city was attracting the Millennial demographic at a strong pace of growth. This key group of fans are more interested in an experience than watching a game, which was driving them to the bars in the area that catered to that desire, instead of the stadium. The stadium needed to determine how they might win fan traffic by creating an engaging, more unique fan experience.

The Solution

Working together, Mortenson and our design partner created a solution that took advantage of this opportunity for the stadium. After reviewing the assessment and recommendation, the stadium proceeded to create a fun and affordable rooftop space for groups to socialize, maximizing fan experience. This produced a new revenue-generating space, attracting an entirely new group of fans to the stadium.

The Result

The financial performance and public reaction to the new space has far exceeded all expectations. The expected payback period for this project was 5 years, but with the early success, the client expects to cover the investment even sooner.


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