This project cannot be considered just a garage replacement project...replacing the existing parking garage and the infrastructure within is more analogous to ‘open heart surgery’ than simply replacing a parking garage.

The Need

A university healthcare campus was experiencing significant issues with wayfinding and parking, which had become so difficult, it was leading to decreased retention of patients and staff. After a push from the university president to improve the parking on campus, they needed to determine the necessary next steps with their capital improvement plan.

The Solution

A study of the situation uncovered a more pressing problem: the parking structure that served the university emergency department was corroding and needed immediate attention. By replacing the parking garage, they would not only improve traffic flow and user-friendliness, they would mitigate risk to critical campus-wide infrastructure, ensure user safety, and avoid even costlier potential issues.

The Result

Our assessment broke down the total project into phases so that the client would be able to invest in their campus, while staying within their allocated fiscal budget. By staying focused on the most critical projects, they would see an increase in parking revenue, employee and patient satisfaction, and efficiencies.


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