The Need

After a large acquisition, a multi-billion-dollar utility company’s national facility portfolio doubled in size, which included more call centers, truck maintenance facilities and power plants. They needed to tackle post-acquisition integration, while understanding the existing conditions of each site and how they would affect their bottom line.

The Solution

The company used the findings from our real estate portfolio assessment and capital expenditure plan as a benchmark for their future planning. In fact, our analysis uncovered a $129 million property valuation that, if sold, would allow the company to invest in a more suitable facility. The assessment also revealed previously unknown maintenance costs amounting to $38 million: a necessary investment to bring the building up to their standards. 

The Result

A thorough maintenance plan and a facility growth plan showed the company what is possible with an optimized approach. Using their new data, the utility company was able to make smarter financial decisions regarding their real estate portfolio.


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