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Phase I: Delivery method – CM at-Risk/ Archtitect – DLR Group The first phase of the Chase Field Renovation projectincluded the renovation of 20 suites andincluded the replacement of plumbing fixtures, flooring, cabinetry, counter surfaces, wall coverings and light fixtures and upgrades to electronics and suite technology.

Phase II: Delivery method – Design-Build / Archtitect – HKS Architects The second phase included the renovation of 20 premium suites with finishes similar to the Phase I renovations and the addition of one luxury sport lounge.

Phase III: Delivery method – CM at-Risk / Archtitect – HKS Architects Phase III included demolition of eight existing suites to make room for an “All You Can Eat” buffet section within the ball park.

Chase Field Center Field Display: Delivery method – Design-Build / Archtitect – HKS Architects
The Design-Build team of Mortenson and HKS tackled the replacement of the existing display, with a main display placed at center field. The overall dimensions of the full color, LED display, is 46 feet high and 136 feet wide, the widest in baseball and all professional sports. Replacements also included replacement / supplement of the existing video production systems. This project occurred concurrently with Phase II.


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