I’m always looking for ways to give team members the opportunity to try new things and do things differently.

Placing a premium on safety

As I look to the future of our business, I’m focused on finding innovative ways to execute work without injuries. We still face situations where people get hurt – and that is just unacceptable. So I consider questions like, what can we automate to execute the riskiest parts of our projects? What does next-level safety look like, and how can we make it happen? I want to reach the point where there is never an injury on any project we build – let alone in the industry. Because it is possible.

Putting the “extra” in exceptional

Customers expect certain things from their building partner. On-time, on-budget delivery. Worker and jobsite safety. Ongoing communication. These things are rightfully expected but are they exceptional? I don’t think so. To provide an exceptional experience, we’ve got to go beyond the expected. We need to help our customers anticipate what’s coming, know what to watch out for and see opportunities to improve their project. Once we are seen as a catalyst for helping our customers create success within their own organizations – that’s how we’ll know we’ve created an exceptional experience.

Building on the concept of teamwork

We tackle big, complex projects, and there can be some tough days. Working as a team is where the rubber meets the road and to me, it’s the most exciting part of our business. Because when you look at our company, our projects and the types of things we build, it takes an incredible team – and incredible teamwork – to ultimately accomplish what we can do.