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Ale Spray
Business Development Manager – Community Engagement | Denver

As the Business Development / Community Outreach Manager for the Denver Operating Group, Ale is responsible for the development of targeted new client relationships and maintenance of existing clients relationships leading to project opportunities. Ale is also responsible for successfully executing community participation plans to maximize opportunities for small, women, minority and other diverse groups and workers on Mortenson’s projects.

Leading by connecting

I believe the best leaders are those who build a true connection with those around them. They have open-door policies and honest dialogue with their team members and are supportive advocates for them. These leaders are willing to guide and mentor and help younger team members build a career path. In my role here at Mortenson, I believe in creating an environment where success is shared between everyone involved in a project, whether it’s a Mortenson team member, a client or a project partner.

Ale Spray
Ale Spray

Lifting everyone together

Mortenson’s Trade Partner program offers a unique opportunity to create a diverse supplier network that includes companies that are growing in our community. As the point-person for those in the Trade Partner program, I help solve problems and connect the right people, helping minority- and women-owned businesses partner with Mortenson in meaningful ways. Our company has always been dedicated to building a more diverse workforce in construction, but initiatives like these are big, concrete actions that can quickly scale diversity, equality and inclusion efforts. They truly set Mortenson apart in the industry.

Adapting to a shifting landscape

The construction industry is changing rapidly, but Mortenson is more nimble than its size would suggest. We continue to adapt to challenges by developing and using new technologies, cultivating a stronger workforce pipeline and collaborating closely with clients to deliver solutions that work for them. One of the ways we prepare for every new challenge is by empowering every team member – no matter their role – to voice his or her insights and make valuable contributions. By making sure that everyone is heard, we keep new ideas and perspectives flowing, which allows us to implement innovative solutions as new challenges arise.

Ale Spray

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