group of women in construction at GEODIS Park


Building a strong team starts with a servant leadership mindset, encouraging diverse thoughts from all group members, approaching challenges with an open mind, and fostering trust among team members.


The saying “a rising tide lifts all boats” isn’t just a saying at Mortenson – it’s how we view building the leaders of tomorrow through consistent and intentional mentorship at all levels. I’ve been fortunate enough to have strong mentors at Mortenson who advocate for my career goals and have been a mentor to others to help them achieve theirs. We understand that our people are our greatest strength and continually work to build the next generation of leaders within the industry.

group of team members at GEODIS Park

Team Culture

Having spent my career in sports construction, I crave the feeling of working with a high performing team. At Mortenson we work with customers, design team partners and trade partners to understand what their goals are, and then takes those on as our own. A great example of this was during our work on GEODIS Park at the Fairgrounds Nashville. Throughout that project we were able to work collaboratively with parties throughout the life of the project to develop and execute a plan that fit the budget and exceeded their schedule expectations all while keeping safety at the forefront of the conversation. When partnership is the goal, opening day feels that much sweeter.  

Constantly Evolving

If there’s one thing I love about construction, its that every day is guaranteed to be different from the last. At Mortenson, we thrive on the constantly changing industry trends and have a commitment to innovation at all levels. Our project team members are empowered to explore new ideas to lean out our process and improve outcomes each and every day. The annual innovation challenges hosted by our groups are one way that we foster that innovative spirit with our team members to explore ideas that keep pushing the industry forward.  

group of Mortenson construction managers on field at US Bank Stadium


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have been a huge part of my career journey at Mortenson. Over the last 6 years, I’ve started the Women in Sports + Entertainment group and helped lead the women in construction charge for the company. Nothing feels more rewarding than someone sharing the impact a DEI event had on their mindset around what it means to be a woman in construction. While we’re still a long way from parity in the industry, progress is being made and I’m proud to be a part in pushing that forward.


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Completing GEODIS Park 7 weeks early (just two weeks before having my daughter)

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