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As a Market Director, Clay understands the upfront work and communication required to make large scale, fast-track projects successful and provides innovation during the process. As Project Executive, Clay is responsible for client relations and high level project oversight. He ensures expectations are clearly understood and, when not being met, issues are immediately addressed. Clay takes a major role in coordinating the ideas, perspectives and concerns of all project stakeholders to move the project to a successful conclusion. In addition to building high performing teams, Clay is also a champion for high performance buildings and drive sustainability into the conversation and design of every project. Helping his clients make “best value” decisions is the motivating force behind Clay’s energy every day.  

Authentically connecting

We at Mortenson work every day to ensure that our team members have everything they need to be successful, supporting each other through daily activities, and especially through challenging times. I believe one of the most important things a leader can do is earn the trust of those on his or her team and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in good times and bad. Mortenson leaders are authentic and genuinely care about team members as people. We are valued for what we uniquely bring to Mortenson, our projects, and our communities.

Clay Benson
Clay Benson

Evolving strategically

Mortenson’s leadership employs a thoughtful process that helps the company grow and change in strategic ways that align not only with our goals as a business, but where we see the market and the industry heading. We’re able to shift team members to grow different business lines and address changes in the economy and our customers’ business needs. This idea is so ingrained at Mortenson, we’re regularly seeing the payoff today of strategic decisions made years ago.

Committing to diversity

The only way we’re going to build a strong workforce pipeline is through a genuine effort to make it more inclusive and diverse. Mortenson has made great strides, but we can do better and are always looking for ways to improve. We’re working with universities and trade schools to help traditionally underrepresented groups see the path to a meaningful career in construction, not only as craft team members, but as leaders in the management of our company. As a member of this industry, I’m determined to advocate for teams that look more like the populations we serve.

Clay Benson

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