John Ohman


The best customer relationships begin with hope and end with trust and lasting respect.

Making a true impact

Mortenson is very intentional in uncovering the true impact of real estate and facilities on each customer’s enterprise. That’s how we help them build the right thing to get the most for their capital investment. This is true whether we are building a revenue-generating asset like a wind farm or data center, or a facility in which business takes place, like a hospital, office building or stadium. In all cases, the quality, design, and location of the facility will impact their organization for decades to come – so we go all-in with customers to get it right.

Creating unprecedented experiences

One of the greatest challenges for our industry is fragmentation. The whole entrenched structure seems to resist innovation and change. It’s no one’s fault – change is challenging! Our experience in dozens of markets, puts Mortenson in a unique position to address that challenge. Imagine teaming like never before, through a seamless, integrated delivery model. All with one goal in mind – an unprecedented experience for our customers that has a lasting, positive impact on their business.

Leaning into collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration are essential to our culture. Smarter teaming with design and trade partners leads to better outcomes for our projects. Teaming with customers helps us address their concerns and move projects forward thoughtfully. Our internal “team of teams” approach enables us to bring all of Mortenson’s expertise to bear on our customer’s problems and ensure their success.