Lynn Littlejohn


For Mortenson, a project is always more than a project. It’s an opportunity for us to make a difference and make a lasting economic impact for the community.

The need for courageous leadership

We need to lean in and lead courageously. It means not being afraid to engage in difficult conversations and get comfortable being uncomfortable. When this happens, we show authenticity, own our truth, and build a greater level of trust in all our interactions.

Lynn Littlejohn
Lynn Littlejohn

Always begin with listening

All our partnerships begin with listening to the needs of our customer or the community and understanding the bigger picture. What’s important to them is important to us. From there, we can shape ideas and strategies that inspire change and possibly make a lasting impact on their business or change the trajectory of the community.

Small actions can make a difference

Each of us can make a difference in the world if we simply do something. We often feel it needs to be a grand gesture, when sometimes it’s a smallest of actions that result in lasting change. For example, the teenage girl who pulled out her phone and filmed the murder of George Floyd was initially doing something simple, capturing something she saw that “wasn’t right”—but that small action ultimately helped the world see the truth. There are no insignificant actions!

Lynn Littlejohn


One cause that's important to me is access to education. It’s the great equalizer. I was raised by a single mother who finished high school and didn’t go any further. All parents want better for their children than what they had, and she always stressed how advancing our education would open doors and opportunities.



28 years


Lynn has previously served on boards for:

  • Children’s Minnesota Hospital
  • Minneapolis YWCA
  • Minnesota Twins Community Fund
  • National Association of Minority Contractors
  • Association of Women Contractors
  • Dunwoody Academy
  • Twin Cities Rise!
  • Alexandra House



  • History Makers, City of Minneapolis Civil Rights Department (2019)
  • Distinguished Honoree, Las Vegas Urban Chamber (2018)
  • Women’s Advocate Award, Association of Women Contractors (2016)
  • Women in Business Award, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (2016)
  • Women’s Advocate Award, Association of Women Contractors (2016)
  • Diversity in Business Award, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (2012)

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