Roshan Alex
Senior Project Manager | Seattle

Roshan joined Mortenson's Sports + Entertainment group in 2012, where he gained invaluable experience working on various professional and collegiate sports projects across the country, including the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, and the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida. His journey led him to the Pacific Northwest with the reconstruction of Seattle's iconic Climate Pledge Arena, where he played a pivotal role within the Seattle Operating group, overseeing the project's enclosure scope and thriving in subsequent roles.

As a seasoned Senior Project Manager, Roshan navigates teams through the unique challenges of each project, prioritizing safety and quality while managing specific scopes on large-scale endeavors. Roshan is drawn to the complexity of ambitious projects, thriving on the collaborative synergy that emerges when all stakeholders unite towards a shared success. He finds inspiration in ventures that promise to leave a lasting imprint on the local community, fueled by the prospect of making a meaningful difference. Still, the electric atmosphere of opening day—the palpable excitement on fans' faces as they step into a fresh space for the first game or concert—truly fuels his passion. Roshan takes immense pride in his role within project teams dedicated to crafting exceptional facilities.

Roshan and his wife, Alexandria, are proud residents of the Seattle area. Outside of his professional endeavors, Roshan finds solace in a diverse range of activities. He's an avid hiker, often exploring the scenic trails that wind through the Pacific Northwest. You can also find him at the local gym or on the tennis court, enjoying a friendly match with friends or family. Community engagement is central to Roshan's values. He volunteers with organizations like the Rainier Valley Food Bank and United Way, driven by a desire to give back. With a Master's in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, he's passionate about making a positive impact locally and beyond.

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