Over the past decade, Mortenson Construction has increasingly leveraged virtual design and construction (VDC) to design, plan and build higher quality facilities faster while reducing costs, increasing job site safety and enhancing our customer experience. Mortenson has found that certain activities and project characteristics are key performance indicators of a robust VDC investment. The presence of these indicators on a project has proved to be a reliable way to predict a positive return on the investment made in the VDC process.

Typically, this return is realized in the form of value added to the project by reducing schedule and cost, improving construction quality and ensuring customers get the results they expect.

The 18 case studies analyzed for this report utilize the virtual design and construction process, which is designed to be repeatable, continuously improved and innovative. This approach has been shown to be very consistent in driving project cost and schedule down, mitigating unforeseen circumstances and increasing customer satisfaction.

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This report analyzes 18 projects completed by Mortenson between 2004 and 2013. It details activities beneficial to the projects, highlights those benefits and demonstrates why VDC activities are important.