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Optimizing to meet the joint goals of sustainability, wellness and the smartest financial investment requires a balancing act. As you meet stakeholder demands for healthier workspaces and sustainable measures, you need a partner who can provide options for small steps and bold moves you can make. Our teams have mastered this process. We're ready help you through the early decisions that will affect your investment for the long-term.

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Healthy Buildings in Action

The Beam on Farmer is raising the bar. Our development takes extensive health and wellness measures that will ultimately exceed WELL Certification standards. This office is the ideal setting for companies who believe providing their employees a healthier space contributes to productivity and attracts the very best talent.

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Steps to Sustainability

In our Sustainability Report, we document steps toward reducing our carbon footprint and building a better world. For example, 100% of our electricity usage in our offices is powered by renewable energy. We share successes to date, even as we strive for continuous improvement. 

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Live Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Check out this live dashboard showing energy usage at our HQ building, used to demonstrate the opportunity to showcase your building's performance in real time, for all your stakeholders.

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Work in Progress

Our HQ energy reduction story embodies the idea of a work in progress. We test our ideas and best practices, so we can share lessons learned when customers are ready to ramp up their own efforts. Connect with us to learn more.

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Questions about getting started on your project?

Whether you are pursuing LEED, Net Zero, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, WELL Certification or other improvements, we serve as your guide every step of the way. Reach out today for a conversation. We will make this experience better than you imagined.