DeKalb Team’s Ongoing Commitment to Community Impact
Our DeKalb team has worked hard to ensure their community efforts result in a longstanding social and economic impact in the community.
DeKalb data center team with Habitat for Humanity

Since the project’s start in 2020, the DeKalb Data Center Team has been committed to making a meaningful impact in the DeKalb community. Their efforts include a variety of community events, school visits, donation drives, and other fundraisers to meet immediate community needs. Their unique location near Northern Illinois University allows them to support college students as they continue their education and prepare to launch their careers. In addition, they engage with community development programs that will have lasting impacts on the residents of DeKalb for years to come.

Throughout the past year, the team participated in several building projects. In September, they rebuilt a teepee at Adventure Works that is used by their mental health programs, offered to youth and families. The team partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a local family. They were tasked with setting the trusses and building the roof of the house. In addition to working on the house, the team also trained other volunteers in construction skills!

The team also participated in events that introduced students to construction careers and volunteered at STEM Fest: a celebration of all things science, technology, engineering, and math. The event hosts over 100 exhibits and demonstrations that were designed to inspire all ages to pursue careers in STEM, including construction. This year, our team provided construction industry career information, handed out 500+ STEM kits, and used Virtual Reality for students to take a tour through a theater recently completed by Mortenson.

As a part of Construction Inclusion Week (CIW), DeKalb team members visited a local elementary school and introduced 3rd graders to construction and safety. The students were tasked with creating a spaghetti tower that would stand alone for 5 seconds. The 3rd graders also took home a STEM kit with a hands-on activity. Our team members had a great time working with the students and helping expand their options for their future career.

The team inspired kids to take an interest in construction through school visits and trade fairs and worked with diverse groups of young people to help jumpstart their careers. They hosted the Northern Illinois University Maker’s Club, National Society of Black Engineers, and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers on the project site for a panel discussion consisting of team members from Mortenson as well as trade partners. This was a great opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to visit the site and hear about careers in construction, career readiness, networking, and safety. The DeKalb team has hosted educators onsite to talk about what it takes to have a career in construction so they can help students build these skills.

In addition to their volunteer commitments, the team has donated funds to local community organizations. In September, they held the first ever United Way employer workplace campaign for the local area, resulting in a $11,287 donation to Kishwaukee United Way of DeKalb County. This supports 19 local agencies serving residents from birth to old age with food, shelter, mental health and so much more.

During Women in Construction (WIC) week each year, the team raised funds for organizations with foci on emotional and physical wellness. In 2023, the project site donated $14,500 to Safe Passage, DeKalb’s only domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center. This year, they raised funds for Adventure Works, a community-based, outdoor-focused, mental, social, and emotional wellness organization. The team’s shout-out boards on the project site resulted in a monetary donation of $16,056!

With the help of the Mortenson Foundation, the team donated $25,000 to Opportunity DeKalb’s Project Launchpad. The new initiative will offer residents an opportunity for social mobility tied to inclusive economic empowerment. It will allow DeKalb residents, both adults and youth, to complete an entrepreneurial program to begin their businesses, as well as support existing businesses in DeKalb.

Mortenson DeKalb team Project Launchpad

The team's work has made an immediate impact on the community around the project site, and they have worked hard to ensure their efforts will result in a longstanding social and economic impact. Thank you to our DeKalb team for their commitment to the community and for helping build a better future for residents and business owners.


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