Shovel-ready status of $525M expansion gave Polar an edge in CHIPS Act funding
Drawing on extensive expertise in clean-room construction, Mortenson provided Polar with resources to quickly compete for CHIPS Act funds.
Polar Advanced Manufacturing Facility
Photo credit: Brian Johnson, Finance & Commerce

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Polar Semiconductor, a Bloomington, MN based manufacturer, has already started work on their $525M expansion of their manufacturing facility, leveraging the recently announced $195M in federal and state money and a construction partnership with Mortenson.

Mortenson's extensive experience in clean room technology and construction played a crucial role in providing the competitive edge necessary for Polar Semiconductor to compete for CHIPS and Science Act funding. As the first company in Minnesota to receive money through the CHIPS and Science Act, Mortenson is thrilled to partner with Polar on this ambitious project set to double Polar’s production capacity within two years.

Article Excerpt: 

“…crews are already working on the ambitious project and construction will play out over the next 18 to 24 months, Tim Maloney, Polar Semiconductor’s senior director of supply chain, said in an interview Wednesday.

Maloney said the ability to move forward quickly gave the company an edge in competing for money from the federal CHIPS and Science Act, which was signed into law in August 2022. This week, the Biden administration announced up to $120 million in CHIPS Act funding for the project….

Polar says the project will double the company’s U.S. production capacity of semiconductor “wafers,” expand and modernize the facility with new automation and AI capabilities, and create more than 160 new jobs, including 60 construction jobs….

Most of the construction will take place within the existing footprint of Polar’s facility at 2800 E. Old Shakopee Road, a fixture in Bloomington since 1969. That means “clean room expansion within the four walls,” Maloney said. 

Polar’s project team includes Mortenson Construction and in-house designers. Mortenson worked with the company on previous projects, “so they really understand the unique requirements of building out a clean room,” Maloney said. “And they have previous knowledge of our clean rooms.”