Two Discovery Square Project
Two Discovery Square / RochesterMN
The place to engage with the sciences that are transforming healthcare.

The overwhelming success of One Discovery Square resulted in a backlog of tenant interest, prompting the advancement of Two Discovery Square. This is the second phase of Discovery Square, a 16-block area projected to be up to 2 million square feet in 20 years and is the economic engine of the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Master Plan, the largest public-private economic development initiative in Minnesota history.

This new building shares the goal of providing an authentic urban experience that supports a unique environment for community amenities, a collaborative culture and a one-of-a-kind innovative ecosystem. Features include biomedical manufacturing, cGMP space, LEED Certification, WiredScore, complex mechanical and electrical systems to support laboratory needs, multiple programmed and flexible amenity/collaboration space, site infrastructure upgrades. The new facility is also adjacent to One Discovery Square, with a physical link for tenants.

Mortenson’s role as developer design-builder included feasibility and site due diligence, facilitation of entitlements and use of Opportunity Zone funding, securing of debt and more than $7 million in DMC joint venture funding. All of this was facilitated under a public-private partnership.

This is the first building in Rochester designed for WiredScore, a commercial real estate rating that ensures a building is optimized with superior tech capabilities for the connectivity needs of tomorrow. Wired Certification ensures strong internet connectivity to support current and future needs of tenants. Two Discovery Square is only the 11th building in Minnesota to achieve the certification.

Additional project highlights:

  • Unique, integrated design with flexible, open workspaces and lab infrastructure that allow tenants to adapt to ever-changing needs in the life science industry
  • Common spaces centralized within the building and share a physical link to One Discovery Square to promote collaboration among tenants
  • Building orientation, massing, wall/roof construction, and mechanical systems to capitalize on high performing systems for increased energy efficiency
  • Located near the historic Mayo Clinic campus and the Gonda Building, adjacent to Mayo Clinic’s Guggenheim, Hilton and Stabile Buildings
  • Proximity to an entrepreneurial ecosystem for tech innovators and collaborators in Rochester
  • Walking distance to the heart of Rochester’s Historic Southwest neighborhood and many downtown amenities, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retail and more


Facts And Figures

Two Discovery Square

Adjacent to One Discovery Square

125,000 Square Feet

Completion: March 2022

Delivery Methods

Develop Design-Build
Discovery Square’s establishment is a critical component of the greater DMC vision, and the collaboration with Mortenson brings Mayo Clinic closer to realizing the positive impact that Discovery Square will make.

The Team