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Workforce changes, remote work models, technological advances, changing community sizes, mergers, and demographics…all of these factors continuously reshape the healthcare landscape. In turn, healthcare organizations must find ways to optimize their footprint to better serve communities now and into the future.

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Healthcare optimization is about making sure your facilities provide the right services to community members and ensuring they can access those services at the right place, and at the right time.

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OptimizingHealthcare Footprints Right-Sizing Facilities

Footprint Optimization in Aging Healthcare Facilities 

How can healthcare organizations get the best ROI on aging facilities? Mortenson’s experts discuss footprint optimization trends, and what to consider when deciding between a full or partial renovation and new construction. 

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Creating a more accessible, cost-effective healthcare system

Medical Office Building Trends

What does the future of healthcare delivery look like for communities? The way we're delivering healthcare to communities is changing for the better. What are the factors driving this change, and how do they play into the acceleration of medical office building construction?

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Three ways to Improve Healthcare Staff Spaces

Designing Staff Spaces for Well-being

Healthcare has struggled with staffing for some time, but burnout fueled by the pandemic exacerbated the problem. One of the many ways healthcare organizations are trying to address the problem is by rethinking the way they design staff spaces. 

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Unused medical office space doesn’t generate any revenue. But reclaiming that square footage and converting it into a clinic, wellness center, inpatient unit, or other program benefits both the community and the healthcare organization’s ROI.

What are the factors shaping the healthcare landscape?

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Healthcare is an ever-evolving market. A mixture of organizational challenges and advances in care have transformed how providers approach staffing, care delivery, and facility planning. We asked providers to share insights on the trends, innovation, and challenges shaping modern healthcare systems.

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Value in healthcare construction is about more than money. It’s also about the value in creating spaces that best serve your patients, staff, and the greater community.
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