Whether you are embarking on a new facility, addition, or historic renovation, laser scanning can provide detailed information quickly that can be critical to the success of your project.

Bring Exponential Value to Your Project

3D laser scanning measures intricate surface details and reproduces the exact size and shape - even the color - of a room or building into a 3D image. The laser scan creates a "point cloud" of data - millions of points measured by the rotating laser over each surface of the space. We can then take the point cloud and transform it into a Building Information Model (BIM). Once the data has been translated into a BIM, it can be used to create design drawings, document as-built conditions, or be referenced by a facilities management team. We are able to manipulate and tweak that model to fit client needs and brainstorm design improvements.

Mortenson's efforts as part of the design and construction team saved our project time, hassle, and money. The end result was a successful project with a highly accurate 3D as-built model.

The Laser Scanning Process

From gathering info to BIM conversation, take a look at the entire laser scanning process

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Traditional vs Reality Capture

Check out the comparison and the added value of laser scanning

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Case Study: Added Direct Value

See how reality capture added value to the OSF St. Francis Medical Center

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Case Study: Prevented Rework

See how reality capture prevented significant rework at Northwestern Mutual Office Building

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