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The construction industry is approaching an inflection point, where technology will transform what and how we build.

Strategic Choices

The essence of strategy is choice. When making a choice, it is crucial to contemplate not only the implications of a choice but also the potential outcomes of not selecting the alternative. At Mortenson, we carefully choose the markets where we compete in and develop unique ways to win in these markets. These choices create a solid foundation for our business, and also creates superior outcomes for customers, trade partners, and the community.

Jason Jennings Mortenson Sport General Manager
Fizerv Forum Construction

The Impact of Innovation

Mortenson challenges construction methods by consistently innovating in the field. It is critical to stay aware of the changes that are occurring in our business ecosystem, not only in the construction industry, but beyond. We stay connected with our trade partners, equipment suppliers, design partners, and most importantly with the changing needs of our customers. By bringing innovation to the forefront of our perspective, we can elevate the state of our collective enterprise and provide valuable outcomes for our customers.

Biggest Challenge in the World

I believe that the biggest challenge that the world faces is sustainability. Mortenson brings our commitment to sustainability everywhere. In our Minneapolis office, 100% of our electricity is produced by emission-free wind farms. The Building Performance team supplies leadership in sustainable construction practices while maintaining an efficient construction site. Furthermore, we are the largest builder of wind and solar farms in the US at utility scale. I am proud to be part of an organization that brings this issue to the forefront.

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We invest in our people to create the next generation of leaders in the construction industry. As an active coach with Mortenson's LeadBLU program, I share my experiences, mentoring team members to help them learn strategies to tackle challenges they may face in their careers. This helps our team members find their own solutions and pave their own career paths.

We diligently consider who we choose as our partners, both trade partners and our customers. We believe it is vital to develop partnerships based on shared values as it is reflected in the relationships that we build over time.


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